STAAG is a buying office and a service organization providing information, sourcing, order follow up and quality control in consumer goods for our European members.

The head office of STAAG is situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. Other partner offices are located in Santander, Munich, Hamburg, Flensburg, Vilnius, Warshawa, Manchester, Braga, Rome, Riga, Bukarest, Thessaloniki and Amsterdam.

The operations are divided in three main divisions - shoes, textile, accessories and they all specializes in sports.

Shoes represent all kinds of consumer goods sport and fashion, sold in our members shops.

In textile STAAG deals with sports and fashion wear, as well as with home textiles.

All products are intended for our member’s stores in Europe.

The main function of STAAG is to provide information, sourcing suppliers and do order placement for/on behalf of the European members.

As a daily function STAAG does order follow up, approvals and quality control and when requested, assist in shipping and payment arrangements.

STAAG is the power link between the buyers and the suppliers with the aim to maximize the buying power.

In the procurement process STAAG has defined social accountability as an integrated and important part of the operations. STAAG has therefore a code of conduct that all suppliers have to sign and follow.

In order to be proactive, STAAG has also a Trust division to support the basic education of children in some areas from where STAAG is buying.

STAAG has a number of highly qualified product specialists, inspectors and expatriates.

STAAG is continuously sourcing new suppliers and is open for any supplier that provides quality goods and is following the Code of Conduct of STAAG.

At the same time, the company also encourages long lasting business relationships with reliable suppliers of goods and services. In order to create mutual benefits.

STAAG is representing a large potential customer base of member clients only.

The company's business partners operate in retailing sport/fashion products via retail shops in their respective countries, being STAAG members

STAAG also support many tax free members and Airline companies.

The main volume comes from non food sport products.

STAAG owners/members are among the leading retailers on their respective markets and they offer selling channels with more than 180 million potential customers in all European countries.

STAAG ability to source top quality branded items is second to none.

Through our relationships and contact with major brands and many wholesalers in Europe, we are able to fulfil our promise to our members , of “obtaining the Unobtainable” Quality is always assured, as we pride ourselves on buying first class products to our members.

STAAG was founded in the year 2002, and in 2006 we relocated to a new head office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We would be delighted to welcome you to our premises.

Welcome to STAAG

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